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From simplistic to elaborate and everything in between, Wind River Pools builds and designs custom gunite swimming pools, spas, fountains and more at reasonable prices. We are dedicated to creating that unique comfortable outdoor living space that makes you want to change gears and allow your taste and style to shine. As proud supporters of "Go Green" products, we encourage our customers to choose energy saving options including; pumps, heaters, and lights to reduce noise and save money. From the minute we excavate to the day you jump in and beyond, we make sure all the details are right, because at Wind River Pools we are just as excited as you are. You'll be pleasantly surprised. Contact us today for a free in home consultation.

Although pools can vary with complexity these are the basic phases of construction:

So many choices to choose, from simple to elaborate... We start with our free in home consultation so that we can better understand your backyard ideals and visions. A hand drawn personalized plan with attention to detail is prepared to fit your specific outdoor living space.

This is where the plan starts to come to life. Municipal permits are obtained, when necessary. The plan becomes more visual as it's laid out in your yard. If you desire any changes now might be a good time to address them. Pool excavation begins. Rubber tire excavators are used to reduce damage to the driveway and yard. Most excavations are completed in one or two days and require typically an 8' x 8' access opening.

With excavation complete, steel rebar rods (the bones of the pool) are tied together to form an engineered beam and mat in the shape of the pool. All plumbing that penetrates the shell is now installed. The following day after inspections, the Gunite crew arrives. They "drape" the house, fences and effected items for protection from the application process. Masters of their craft they sculpt the pool much like the artistic builders of sandcastles.

The first thing one sees is the ribbon of tile around inside of the pool, and there are hundreds of choices, one especially for you. Coping, the top cap around the edge of the pool also has numerous selections; brick, flagstone, travertine, limestone, boulders, and rock are all popular choices. We guide you through this process and help with the selections. Special features such as water falls and/or fountains would also be installed at this time.

At this phase, trenches are dug, plumbing lines are run around the pool to the equipment. The equipment is set. A lot of attentio goes into the sizing of the plumbing and equipment for proper water flow and filtering. Electrical wiring is installed to energize the pool equipment and lights. Inspections are obtained to comply with National and Local code regulations. Just a reminder, "Go Green" equipment is encouraged for maximum energy efficiency and to save you $$$.

In our industry, the hard surface apron surrounding the pool is referred to as decks. Again, more choices. There is plain concrete, "P" gravel, stamped concrete, sand set pavers, as well as a variety of toppings over concrete including brick, flagstone, or travertine to name a few. This is probably the second most exciting day after excavation, no more mud! The yard begins to look more like fun and less like a construction zone.

The final stage is Plaster. This is the waterproof barrier that is applied to the pool shell. Depending on the type of plaster, this is a one or two day process. Marcite plaster is a one day process. Pebble pool plasters usually take two. The plaster is applied the first day and a light acid wash is done the next to expose the pebble. Filling begins when complete. Depending on your water pressure and the size of the pool, this usually takes 1 to 3 days.

When the pool is full, we start the equipment. The pool needs to run continuously for about a week to clean the water and filter any plaster residue but you can commence swimming the first or second day whenever you are comfortable. Brushing is encouraged to make this process go faster. When a convenient time can be arranged, a "pool school" will be conducted to explain operations, maintenance and equipment. We also offer weekly maintenance in some areas for those who might be interested. You are on your way, exercise, relax, enjoy...